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An exciting new season is upon us. We are releasing our old school line of scents with the "Deer Urine Direct" brand. Three great scents to help put more deer in your lap! No fancy marketing or packaging here. Just unbeleivable scent at an even better price. Be sure to pick some up this year.

Also new for Lowe's Whitetail this year is our new Dirth Cover Scent. Our cover scents are second to none. They are so good they even amaze me and I am not an easy person to please. If you want to see consistant results while hunting, stock up on Lowes products this year and reap the benefits that so many have been enjoying. As a reminder our "Doe in Heat" (Estrous) scents will not be available until the second week of October.

Our 2015 "Purchase Promotion" is as follows:

Any purchase from $5.95 to $19.99, receive one free Silverflage Scent Eliminator

Any purchase from $20.00 to $39.99, receive one free Synthetic Deer Scent

Any purchase $40.99 to $99.00, receive one Silverflage and one Synthetic

As always any order over $100.00 will receive free shipping!

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Hunt Hard and Stay Safe!
Rick and Anita Lowe

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New Products For September

DIRTH Cover Scent combines dirt and earth odor infused with Wet Deer to cover and conceal human odor...
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