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Done wasting money

Like many others, every year I would try to improve my chances at harvesting a Whitetail by being sucked in to buying the "newest and greatest" scent on the market. Often, like many other sportsmen can agree to, disappointment is all that came in that little bottle or spray.

Determined to stop wasting money, last year a friend and I decided to try a little experiment. We bought a 2 bottles of scent from 3 different manufacturers...Company X, Company Y and Company Z. We used an approximate 450 acre area as our test property and found 3 similar sites within that said area. All 3 sites had similar deer density and equal access to food, water and bedding areas.

We put 1 trail cam up overlooking each area, cleared away any debris on the ground so that it was just bare dirt and poured one bottle in each area. After a week we went back and refreshed each area with the original manufacturers scent. After 3 weeks, we pulled the trail cams and went home to tally the results. Needless to say, we were surprised.

Here is the breakdown of those 3 weeks.

Company X - 121 pics
Company Y - 265 pics
Comapny Z - 789 pics

All 3 manufacturers had surprising activity, but Company Z was the clear winner by bringing in the most deer, the most bucks and the highest daytime activity.

What brand was Company Z? It was Lowes. I am done wasting money with the "newest and greatest" disappointments every year.

I found the best with Lowes. Thank You

Walter Wolfe

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