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Meet Our Staff

Meet The Staff!

Lowes Whitetail Staff are some of the most dedicated hunters in the woods. They do their homework and understand what it takes to be successful. If you meet any of our staff, please ask them about Lowes Whitetail Deer Scents and what works for them. We are proud to have them as part of the Lowes Whitetail TEAM!

Pro Staff

Brandon Wetzel - Pennsylvania

Seth Baker - Pennsylvania

Team World Went Dark Outdoors - Pennsylvania

Jason Keffer

Carl Esterly

Jack Esterly

Todd Davis

Jeff Rhoads

Team Extreme Hunting - Pennsylvania

Mark Stoudt Jr.

Mark Stoudt Sr.

Leslie Horst

Derek Warnick

Team No Limit Outdoors - Illinois

Dustin Wright

Danielle Jordan

Eric Rea

Brian Finch

Heath Marmion

Bryant Doyle

Team Calm Before The Kill - Michigan

Bill Dease

Nick Donaldson

Ryan Wall

Kevin Rentner

Team Urban Nocks - Maryland

Jason Gardner

Brad Griffin

Kelly Lowery

Tim Bishop

PJ Howell

Tyler Griffin

Cory Griffin

Team Smoked'Em Outdoors - Maryland

Daniel Erick

Jon Miller

Alex Chandler

Monty Miller

Team Hillside Hunting - Maryland

Chris Wolfe

Sam Clark

David Chaney

Dale Bowards

Team Cervicide - Pennsylvania

Stefan Capornletti

Jimmy McKinney

Field Staff

Cole Flemming - Maryland

Brandon Marshall - Indiana

Team Anger Therapy Outdoors - Maryland

Chris Watkins

Kenny May

Steve Poddo

Anthony Dove

Jeff Biggus

Team KillEmAll - Maryland

Jeff Jones

Ron Sanbower

Team Northernview Outdoors - Ohio

Dan Long

Patrick Mullen

Team UPO - Maryland

Shawn Weddle

Renee Weddle

Wayne Hoyt

Brad Deshong

Ricky Smith

Team PA Outdoor Addictions - Pennsylvania

Mike Whitmer

Chris Reed

Team Eternal Quest Outdoors - Maryland

Bobby Hurt

Jason Stupp

Jason Sweeny

Chris Gergely

Team Sugarloaf Mountain Outdoors - Pennsylvania

AJ Tiglio

John Pfeil

Mark Solanick

Tim Sisock

Steve Elliott

Team Low Budget Outdoors - Maryland

Bill Evans

Ronald Hilton

Chris Urban

Jared Everhart

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