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At Lowes Whitetail we strive to make the best scents possible. Constant research and developement keeps us at the top of the deer scent industry. All Hunting environments are not created equal and may have very different laws as to what kind of scent or attractant is permitted for use. As we develope new products we like to test them in a real hunting environment, not a labratory.

We are looking for a limited number of people that have never used our products, to test a new synthetic scent that we have develpoed.

If you are interested in testing our product and feel you can meet the requirements listed below, print this page, sign below and mail to the address shown. You must also contact us on Facebook and friend us. You may then order the product from our website.

Requirements Neccesarry for Testing:
1) Must have a minimum of two trail cameras.

2) Trail cameras must not be located near corn or any bait sites.

3) Must pay for shipping through PayPal or Major Credit Card on our website.(Product is Free!)

4) Product can not be shared with friends or saved for hunting season.

5) You must share your results on our Facebook page.

The offer to test this product will expire on July 30, 2014

Sign Here:____________________________________________

Mail to:

Lowes Whitetail Deer Scents

181 Polecat Road

Landisburg, PA 17040

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