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Love our buck butter? Try our doe-in-estrous made like our buck butter.
Thats 4 oz of pure doe in estrous, with tarsal, for the rut!
This scent is made to order with either your name, nick name or club name on the label and vacuumed sealed to keep fresh !!!!! The price is $20.00 for 4 oz .

We also have buck urine with tarsal in 4 oz buck butter made to order with your name on label. Personalized labels with your name, nick name or club name make great gifts for all hunters!
We have limited label stock and will remove custom labels when sold out.

TARSAL glands are located on the inside of the back legs of a Whitetail deer, also know as hocks. This gland provides a musky smell which makes an excellent trailing scent!!!!!

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