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Attention Hunters. If you had a chance to harvest a whitetail using our products and you want to share your trophy on our website.Email your pictures and your info and we will be happy to post your picture along with information on our website for everyone to enjoy. Thanks for using Lowe's Products.

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  • image2Larry got the new product doe in heat with tarsal and call me the other week and shot a 160 class... he also told me that his friend Ted wanted to use the scent...he also arrowed a 160 class buck.both bucks from pa...Ted now carries our scents in his bow shop pike county outfitters.
  • image2Nick Morrison with his awesome Ohio 7 pointer killed over Buck Butter and Fatal Attraction.
  • image3 Thanks for a great prouduct,it helped me harvest this nice 10 pointer
  • image4 Two fall to Lowe's Whitetail Scents in Kentucky. Excellent product! Stuff should be illegal!
  • image5 WWDO gettin it done again with the help of some Seemz scent control, this buck came in directly downwind of our location!! The Buck Butter from Lowe's Whitetail Scents finished the job!!!
  • image6 Luke got his first deer a Doe.
  • image7 Here is the picture of the buck I got. It was my first deer ever! Thanks for the nice products! They worked great.
  • image8 Larry Flansburg for turning me on to buck butter, Its my first year using it and I can tell you from experience Its the best. Not one deer spooked and does and bucks come to it!
  • image9 Buck butter does it again!
  • image10 Shot this 8 point buck 20 mins after set up using lowes buck butter. weighed at least 150lbs. spread of 16in, right beam 22in
  • image11

    Doug Kaline RPRR Outdoors LLC with a Public Land 8 Pointer in Maryland.

  • image12 Katlin used Lowes Buck Butter to take her first deer.
  • image13 Sparky, owner of M2D Camo with another giant Buck Butter Buck.
  • image14 Ben with a fantastic Buck. Butter Butter drops another one.
  • image15 The big boys keep falling for Lowes Buck Butter. Congratulations Colten.
  • image16 The proof is in the Butter! Congratulations Dylan.
  • image17 Drew Baily of PA shows the results of Buck Butter.
  • image18 The Baily's put these bucks to bed with BUCK BUTTER!
  • image19Lowes staff member Brandon Wetzel high lighting our product with professional results. Another AWESOME photo. Thanks Brandon!
  • image20Deer can't resist the Buck Butter. The proff is in this amazing photo by Brandon Wetzel Photography. Thanks Brandon!
  • image21Congratulations Brandon Wetzel!
  • image22Congratulations Bryan Stevens!
  • image23Congratulations to the Esterly Brothers on a pair of nice buck!
  • image24Can you say MONSTER BUCK! Congratulations George Winslow!
  • image25Congratulations Jeff Rhoads!
  • image26Congratulations Joe Shiffer!
  • image27Congratulations John S!
  • image28Congratulations Ron Sanbower!
  • image29

    Bill Evans getting it done. Congratulations!

  • image30

    Cole Flemming stacking em up. Congratulations!

  • image31

    Congratulations Jeff Biggus!

  • image32

    Congratulations Mike K!

  • image33

    Check this photo from Ray Weiland out! Five doe bedded up beside some buck butter.

  • image34

    Hillside Hunting Team member Sam. Congratulations!

  • image35Hillside Hunting Team member Dale. Congratulations!
  • image36

    Hillside Hunting Team member Chris. Congratulations!

  • image37Congratulations Scott Hamel on a nice Buck Butter Buck!
  • image38Congratulations Katlin!
  • image39

    Congratulations Mark Stoudt!

  • image40

    Congratulations Brian! Looks like Our Wet Deer Cover Scent is knocking them dead.

  • image41

    Congratulations Brandon! Your having a great year.

  • image42

    Congratulations Mike on another great Buck Butter Buck!

  • image43

    Congratulations Derek Warnick!

  • image44

    Congratulations Brandon Wetzel on your Buck Butter Buck!

  • image45

    Congratulations Duane Keller!

  • image46

    Jed Bridge used Fatal Attraction on a drag line to connect with this nice buck. Congratulations Jed!

  • image47

    Another big boy falls to Buck Butter!

  • image48

    Tyler Morrison with a nice Buck Butter Doe. Congratulations Tyler!

  • image49

    Congratulations goes to Dave Chaney on taking this nice buck with his bow.

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