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Buck Scrape 4oz

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A whitetail can smell and determine 11 to 17 different odors at one time. Applying our knowledge of deer to our scents, we can lean the odds in your favor (the hunter). Buck Scrape has six appealing odors in one 4 oz bag. It is irresistible to the whitetail buck and we always sell out, it's that effective!! Paired with Pre Orbital BLAST for a one, two punch and knock out Mr. Whitetail

How to use: Clear the ground of all leaves and sticks below a small sapling in your hunting area. Squeeze the entire 4oz package of Buck Scrape into the cleaned out circle and rub some on the branches over hanging the scrape. It may takes several days but once you have activity at the scrape, start hunting with one of our estrous scents. DO NOT put the estrous scent on the scrape. This will keep the buck coming back because he thinks he still has time to locate the hot doe.

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