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Age Select Doe In Heat 1-4

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This is Doe in Heat (estrous) urine from a Whitetail Doe in the 1 to 4 age class.

With 25 years of experience, Lowes Whitetail has created the ultimate deer scent. Age Select has been in development for five years. By combining several methods of production, we have created a top line product.

Some things you need to know:

1) We increased the amount of scent from 1oz to 2oz.

2) A new flip top bottle for easy one hand dispensing.

3) Our new bottle is self sealing which reduces spoiling product by eliminating oxidation.

4) We guarantee two different urine smells from both age brackets.

Preferred use: Use both age groups while hunting to produce maximum effect.

  • Model: ASHA DIH 1-4
  • 225 Units in Stock

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