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Age Select Custom Buck Grunt - Osage

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Our Age Select Custome Grunt Calls are a thing of beauty. But they don't just look good, they sound good! The holes in the barrel are utilized to create different pitches to the sound. The older a buck gets, the deeper the sound they make. To mimic a young buck of 1 to 4 years old you would cover no holes and up to 2 with your fingers. For a buck from 4 years of age and older you would cover 2 to 4 holes.

This custom grunt call is made from Osage Orange wood. This is a beautiful hardwood with varying colors of orage, yellow and cream. The wood is lightly burnt to bring out some accent colors of black to brown. Hardwood has better tonal qualities and creates a crisp deep tone. Our Age Select Calls are fantastic when paired with our Age Select Scents.

  • Model: ASCBG-O
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