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Buck Butter 4 oz

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Buck Butter is an extremely effective bedding scent that can be used the entire season. Ready to use, no wicks or dispensers needed. Use in conjunction with a hand warmer to extend the scent cone. Choose from two convenient sizes.

Spray can scents will dispense for a few seconds up to a minute and travel a few hundred yards, Spray scents evaporate quicker, which limit their effectiveness to a very short length of time.

Buck Butter will dispense a scent cone for hundreds of yards as is or can be utilized with a hand warmer to dispense even further. Buck Butter is purely undiluted. and it's longevity is not limited to one hunting season. Use your leftover Buck Butter for scrapes & scent trails.
Simple to use. Just unscrew the lid. This product is like having a deer in your back pocket!

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